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This page continues our look at the BBC's teletext output with frames from the services carried by the BBC's newer networks...

BBCfax_MAC.jpg (29127 bytes) First on this page, some frames from the 'BBCfax' service transmitted on BBC World Service Television in 1993.
Bbcwo600.gif (4931 bytes)
BBCfax_MAC2.jpg (32147 bytes)
Bbcwo698.gif (4705 bytes) This page, also from 1993, may have been used to carry an in-vision selection before the channel transmitted 24-hours. It displayed only this page and, as you can see, is in the previous Ceefax 'look'.

Magazine 6 contained schedules and info on BBC World Service Television and Radio. Pages 100, 198 (user guide) and 199 (A-Z Index) being the only other difference to the usual BBC2 output.

BBC World P600 These three frames from BBC Prime and BBC World are from 1995
BBC Prime P610
BBC World P650
news24p100s5.gif (5418 bytes) Next a few pages from the teletext service which accompanies the analogue version of BBC News 24.
news24p100s6.gif (5197 bytes) It does not actually describe itself as Ceefax, at least not in the header row.
news24p199s1.gif (4513 bytes) The A-Z index shows how the service differs from the regular BBC1 & BBC2 services.
news24p199s2.gif (4825 bytes) The main difference is not easy to spot, but it is page 500...
news24p500.gif (5570 bytes) All the news and sport from every BBC region!
news24p780.gif (4302 bytes) ...and regional weather forecasts too.
parl100.gif (3486 bytes) The teletext service which accompanies the analogue version of BBC Parliament is not called CEEFAX either, but PARLIFAX!
parl102.gif (3771 bytes) By a miracle of scheduling the Ten Minute Rule Bill does actually last ten minutes!
parl123.gif (4099 bytes) Note the new style BBC logo!
parll124.gif (3326 bytes)
telfax100.gif (6388 bytes) Next, some frames from the BBC's internal text service, which as you can see, was called Telfax. This service was broadcast internally within the BBC at Television Centre and was also accessible through a Text to Web gateway via the BBC's Intranet server.

I understand the service has now been abandoned.

TELFAX104.GIF (6393 bytes)  
TELFAX116.GIF (7244 bytes)  
These BBC Prime pages from March 2000 were decoded by Bryan Greene using the teletext decoder in his MAC receiver.

It is interesting to compare this pages with those below from the contemporary BBC World service. Unsurprisingly they are quite similar.

And so to BBC World...


Interesting to see they have a daily breakdowns. I hope they show the test card and music at those times!
Thanks once again to Bryan Greene for these frames.
Intelfax provide Ceefax pages for BBC World... well, that's news to me!

So, who fancies doing this job then?

These two frames from BBC World were captured in January 2002. Thus we see yet another example of the decline in the BBC's teletext output as the BBC encourage an ever increasing number of hits to their BBC World website.

Still, if this means the end of the daily breakdown at least the service will become more reliable!

April 2002:

Changes at BBC World mean a slightly new look and the return of the previously abandoned news pages, thanks to Ceefax.

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