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This page presents frames from CEEFAX In Vision

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FINANCE.gif (4874 bytes) graphics from CEEFAX In Vision sequences...
SPORT.gif (3500 bytes) ...these should have you wallowing in nostalgia!
RADIO.gif (4709 bytes) These were also captured in 1983 by Mark Cook...
WEATHER.gif (3979 bytes) ... using his BBC Model B computer and teletext decoder.
CEEFAXweather1.jpg (22606 bytes) And by Bryan Green who has captured many images for TTAN from S-VHS video

(Aren't the lady and gentleman usually the other way around in real weather houses?)

TRAVEL.gif (4157 bytes)
CIN.gif (4709 bytes) And November, of course, is CIN time.
During the mid eighties, schools programmes moved from BBC1 to BBC2, in a strand known as "Daytime on 2". This often had short breaks where a special Daytime selection of Ceefax pages were shown in vision.
CEEFAXam_travel.jpg (20619 bytes) Another incarnation of CEEFAX In Vision was CEEFAX AM (1987/88)
Here, the Ceefax In Vision service brings us news of the appalling fire tragedy at Kings Cross Underground station in 1987.
CEEFAX AM - date unknown
Here's part of a sequence from 1989 including the classic Teletext is... pages
1995 Level 2 Teletext Page 100 The BBC flirted with Level 2 Teletext, which offers higher resolution graphics, wide text and more colours. This image is taken from pages shown before programmes begin in the morning. The BBC have now abandoned Level 2 and say they have no plans to broadcast it in the future.
1995 Level 1+ Teletext Page 100 The same image as above, in normal Level 1+ format. This was also recorded "off-air" during the Pages from Ceefax sequence prior to programmes beginning
CEEFAXlevel1.jpg (21822 bytes) And here is a second example of differences between Level 1 and Level 2 decoding.

Above is an In Vision page decoded by Bryan Green's decoder (on Sat 12-Nov-1988), while below is the page as broadcast, decoded by the BBC's own Level 2 decoder.

CEEFAXlevel2.jpg (24279 bytes)
Finally, on this page, part of an early morning Ceefax In Vision sequence in December 1995, recorded on VHS while Mike McGonagle was opening his Christmas presents!

These pages give a clear impression of what teletext could have gone on to become.

What a same it didn't.

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