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Election 2001
Pages from the BBC and ITV text coverage of the 2001 General Election
1992 General Election

The 1992 General election

Local Elections 2002

The 2002 Local Elections

Wimbledon 2001
Wimbledon 2001
Interactive services from
BBC Text and Teletext Ltd.
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An Evening with CEEFAX
cxeng09.gif (4423 bytes)
A selection of pages from the BBC Engineering Information Service
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Read what they said about Channel 5 ... in 1991/92
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"Ear 'ere!" Some stories which I call 'stranger than fiction'
kenny07.gif (5803 bytes)
How Ceefax and Teletext reported the death of Kenny Everett
nanbbc.gif (2977 bytes)
A comparison between the BBC and ITV Now and Next programme listing pages

The 1999 solar eclipse on CEEFAX
 itv_nightscreen_05.jpg (15964 bytes)
Screen captures from the ITV teletext in-vision service ITV Nightscreen'

Screen captures from the YTV Job Finder service
Teletext Abroad
Teletext Abroad

Tuesday 11-September-2001
- a date which can now never be forgotten.

We will all remember were we were and how we heard the news of the world's most apocalyptic act of terrorism.

Most people will have been watching the appalling scenes portrayed by the continual television news coverage or listening to reports on the radio but here is how the news was reported by Ceefax and Teletext that evening

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