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Updated: 24-Apr-2002


Eire (Page 1/2)

Compiled by Mike McGonagle.

RTÉ's teletext service, Aertel, was formerly launched in July 1987.  Initially offering a basic service of news, finance, sport and TV listings, the service has expanded substantially.  Aertel now comprises hundreds of pages spread across two national television networks.  The service is not funded by the licence fee but from its own advertising revenue.

Aertel is also available on the World Wide Web, as part of RTÉ Interactive.

Aertel Front Page.  The service was relaunched in 1993.  Page design has remained pretty much the same since then...content has changed substantially though.

Incidentally, the service logo shown here started off in red switched to green c. 1995.
Aertel Contents...August 2000.
Spot the changes - January 2002.
The day's top stories.
Page 103...the news index...curiously, also titled 'Headlines'.
Pages 104-119 look like this...the day's news stories are covered here.
Aertel's Business index (mid-1990s - early 2001 page design).
The old Business News page format, pre-OnBusiness.
The Dublin Stock Market Shares index, sponsored by Bloxham Stockbrokers...from mid-2000.
Each of the Shares pages - 141-148 - had one page of share prices, i.e., no sub-pages.
The Business section was relaunched under the title 'OnBusiness' in the first half of 2001.  OnBusiness is the business division of RTÉ.
OnBusiness news page.
Goodbody Stockbrokers took over as sponsors of the Aertel Shares pages in 2001.
Irish Shares - 'B' and 'C'.
The Dublin ISEQ index.
Central Bank Of Ireland Exchange Rate Reference.
Euro Conversion.
London FTSE and other major European Markets.
Wall Street Market Report.
National Lottery results page.
Aertel's weather service has always been somewhat limited.  This is how things looked in August 2000.
The forecast for today and tomorrow.
2001 saw the introduction of World Weather data.  January 2002...and in light of competition from TV 3 Text, regional weather information is added...well, a service available by phone.
Sea Area Forecast.
Gale Warning page.
World Weather data sponsored by Panorama.
Regional Weather.
A new RTE Guide logo was introduced to the TV Guide in January 2002.
Aertel's media listings have rarely ever been more detailed than this.  This example is from  August 2000.  Following the introduction of the new RTE Guide logo in January 2002, most of the TV listings pages were still sporting the old RTE Guide logo (shown here).
The hour-by-hour guide to what's on.  This page was recently automated (c. early 2000) to pick up the programmes off the main listings pages.  It had previously been put together manually.
Radio listings index.
Radio listings page.  The graphics here remained the same through the last relaunch of the service.
TV Listings page with a new RTE Guide sponsorship banner, introduced January 2002.
New RTE Guide banner introduced to the What's On page.
Another listings page with the revised RTE Guide banner.
Aertel's main Sport index.
The Sport section is quite comprehensive...and has proved to be the most popular part of Aertel's output.
Example of one of the sports news pages.
The Soccer index, sponsored by Yorkie (from the late 1990s - late 2001).
Soccer news page.
The GAA service...which is complemented by a comprehensive local GAA results service on Network 2 (page 560).
The popular Racing service, sponsored by Tote (August 2000).
Racing information page.
Detailed Overnights.
2001 and a new sponsor for the Racing section.  This example, from January 2002.
Racing results page.
Race review page.
Overnights details.
Racing news page.
Bookmakers index.
Late 2001/early 2002...the Yorkie sponsorship of the Soccer section expires and the graphics revert back to the Aertel standard.
January 2002 Soccer page.
The Entertainment section was given a new look in the first half of 2001.  The design shown here is that used from the 1993 relaunch through to 2001.
Entertainment news page (1993 - 2001).
Entertainment index, early 2002, showing the design introduced early 2001.
Entertainment news introduced early 2001.
Cinema index (1993 - 2001).
The service offers a pretty comprehensive cinema listings service, updated on a weekly basis.
Cinema index.  Page design introduced early 2001.
Cinema listings page.
Music section (1993 - 2001).
Dublin Gigs (1993 - 2001 page design).
Early 2001 and the Music section moves to page 370 with a new page design.
Gig Guide listings.
Dublin clubbing guide.
Nationwide clubbing.
2FM Most Wanted playlist.
Music reviews.
Classical music events guide.
Theatre index (1993 - 2001 page design).
Dublin Theatre Guide (1993 - 2001 page design).
Theatre listings guide (page design introduced early 2001).
Theatre listings page.
Books index (1993 - 2001 page design).
Top 5 Fiction (1993 - 2001 page design).
Birthdays move from 305 to 343 in 2001.
Xtra-Vision sponsorship of Video Rentals page 344 ends in 2001.  2002 sees the page return to standard graphic design.
Cinema Reviews page showing the graphic design introduced early 2001.
Cinema Review page.
TV Extra index.  This section offers background/support information for RTÉ programmes.  The Soap guide covers all channels.  Index shown here from mid-2000.
Index from January 2002.  Note page title changes to upper case - this occurred during 2001.
TV Extra page.
Select TV - highlights page.
TV Ratings page.
The 370s were used to cover special festivals/events around the country.  Music section replaced these pages from early 2001.
Radio Extra index.
Radio Extra offers support information for RTÉ radio programmes.
Changes to magazine 3 (RTÉ ONE) in early 2001 led to a move for Radio Extra...the index switched to page 385.
Radio Extra page.
Game Zone moved from Network 2 page 450 to RTÉ ONE in early 2001.
Games News page.
Game Review page.
Game View.

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