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Updated: 24-Apr-2002


Eire (Page 2/2)

Compiled by Mike McGonagle.

RTÉ's teletext service, Aertel, was formerly launched in July 1987.  Initially offering a basic service of news, finance, sport and TV listings, the service has expanded substantially.  Aertel now comprises hundreds of pages spread across two national television networks.  The service is not funded by the licence fee but from its own advertising revenue.

Aertel is also available on the World Wide Web, as part of RTÉ Interactive.

Magazine 3 on Network 2 offers a Property/Car Selling service.
The Aertel 2 Property Market index.
One of the Property Market pages.
Page 400 RTÉ ONE.  Magazine 4 had been used to provide an extensive timetable service for Aer Lingus.  This has since been discontinued (in 2001), leaving the RTÉ ONE service without a magazine 4.
Index for the main Airports in Ireland.
Index for Dublin airport.
Timetable page.
Aertel 2, magazine 4.  The environmental magazine, Green Leaves occupied pages 400-404.  This section was discontinued in early 2001.
One of the Green Leaves pages.
Pages 410-414, the farming information service, Daily Farm.  This section debuted in early 2000.  Farming information disappeared from Aertel in the early 1990s.  This is how things looked mid-2000.
By January 2002, the service has been extended slightly.
Factory Prices.
Cattle Mart Reports.
An opportunity to sell some gear.  RTÉ Merchandise, indexed on page 420.
One of the RTÉ Merchandise pages.
Under Age, Aertel's magazine for kids.
Sample pages from Under Age.
The Games section.  Shown here on Aertel 2...has since moved to RTÉ ONE, page 390.
Games News page.
Public Information Network...indexed on Network 2 (originally available on both channels).
Sample pages with the Public Information Network section.
The Irish language magazine, Gaeltext.  Still going strong on Aertel 2, post-TnaG/TG 4 Text.
A summary of the main news stories in Irish.
RTÉ ONE, magazine 5.  The entire magazine is basically a travel information service.  An external company, TravelFinders, provides a holiday service - covering Ireland and the rest of the world.
And how things looked in January 2002.
The TravelFinders Irish Holiday index (mid-2000).
January 2002...and not much has changed...except the shamrock.
One of the Irish Holiday pages.
TravelFinders Holidays Abroad.
Again no real change by early 2002...just a mention for the Travelfinders website.
Breaks abroad...sample page from TravelFinders.
Another holiday offer page from TravelFinders.
Bus Timetable index.
Bus timetable page.
Airport arrivals/departures index - covering the main Irish airports, sponsored by Aer Rianta.
Dublin departures information...real-time updates.
Dublin arrivals.
The long standing Stena Line page on 581 (RTÉ ONE).
Irish Ferries information service on 591.
And to magazine 5 on Network 2.  This was the state of play in August 2000.  There have been some changes since.  Page 500 has been deleted but most of the pages shown on this index still exist.  The Social Community section is now included within the new Public Information Network which has moved from page 650 to page 450 Aertel 2.
H.I.N.T.S. - Hearing Impaired News Teletext Service.
One of the H.I.N.T.S. information pages.
Technical/Engineering Information page.
Sample index from the Local Sport section on Aertel 2.  Local Soccer on 540.
Network 2 local soccer page.
The local GAA index on Network 2.
Local GAA page.
Page 596 offers advice on teletext reception and how to navigate the service.
Page 597 offers an In-Vision service on both channels.  On RTÉ ONE, a round-up of the day's business news and on Network 2, the latest entertainment news.
Magazine 6 - carried on both RTÉ ONE and Network 2 - a mishmash of general information.  This magazine has been chopped and changed quite a bit in the last two years or so.  This is how things looked in August 2000.
...and in January 2002.
Phone Services index...from early 2002.
Special AIB Bank section.
AIB information page.
Parliament information.
The main Public Information index on page 650.  This has since moved to Network 2, page 450.
Example of one of the Public Information pages (mid-2000)
Magazine 7 (same on both channels).  Jobsearch...Aertel's Job Vacancy section.
Slight change to the teletext style font in 2001.
Page 751 remained with the original standard Intelfax font lettering.
Job vacancies at Top Security.
More job vacancies.
Career opportunities at IBM.
Aertel offers an Interactive service.  Rail timetables and various games available.
The In-Vision page (now withdrawn).  Used for teletext sequences on the RTÉ TV networks.  Curiously, Network 2's in-vision service has been showing page 100 overnight since January 2001.  Intentional...or has someone just not noticed...or, do they care?

An In-Vision page is still available on 597 (both channels).
The clock cracker.
The standard Intelfax engineering page...hidden away on page 7AA.
Finally...we round off with a complete A-Z of the Aertel service, as of January 2002.

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