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Channel 4 | S4C

ttxg2006.gif (5690 bytes) This example from the Channel 4 ancillary teletext service, 4-Tel, dates from 1990.

4-Tel was then in it's first incarnation.

 When Oracle lost their franchise in December 1992 4-Tel almost died and was reduced to just a few scant pages.
1996 4 Tel index 4-tunately it made a complete recovery.

The service is run by Intelfax Ltd for Channel 4.

This example of the 4-Tel front page dates from 1996.

4 Tel Secret Page 3AA Not many people know that teletext pages, although running from 100 to 899, are in fact hexadecimal numbers. The maximum permissible page number is 8FF. These hexadecimal page numbers are used for secret pages, such as this one from 4-Tel, which is PDC status information.

You can find this on an ordinary teletext TV by going to page 399 (shown above) and then pressing the red fastext key.

SBECTEL_index.jpg (34572 bytes) S4C, the Welsh equivalent of Channel 4, has it's own service called Sbectel.

The first example is from 1988

S4C_SBECTEL.jpg (32653 bytes) 1990, and very little has changed!
SBECTEL2.jpg (30485 bytes) 1992
SBECTEL3.jpg (20709 bytes)
SBECTEL4.jpg (31676 bytes)
SBECTEL.jpg (30194 bytes) 1993, and with the demise of ORACLE the header row has changed, as have the page numbers.

TTAN contributor Bryan Green comments "I think was still being prodced by Intelfax at this time. My reasoning here is that the 'look' is as per Intelfax's introduced in April 1991."

Sbec312.gif (3467 bytes)
Sbec300.gif (4741 bytes) Sbectel page from 1994 - Testun had just taken over the production of the text service on S4C.
S4C (Wales) We asked why it was called Sbectel. Hywel Williams wrote to say: "I suspect it's an anachronism. When S4C first launched - back in the days when Radio Times only had BBC programmes and TV Times only had ITV programmes - TV Times in Wales only provided Channel 4 programme information. An insert was provided in TV Times called Sbec, which was in Welsh and provided the S4C programme information. Later, after the de-regulation of the programme guides, Sbec became a separate magazine. Last time I lived in Wales it was still going but as an insert to one of the editions of the Western Mail. I presume the name Sbectel comes from this magazine."

(Sbec apparently translates as peek)

A word from our sponsor!
These set of frames is, as you can guess, from the digital version of S4C on the Astra digital platform - 2001

This version of the channel is quite different from the analogue one.

And finally, for now, a system status page hidden away on a hexadecimal page number.

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