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ORACLE_closed.jpg (31754 bytes) In December 1989 ORACLE began their campaign to retain the franchise to provide the teletext service for ITV, Channel 4 and S4C...
With the publication of the Broadcasting Bill ORACLE was literally fighting for its life. 
Goodbye_ORACLE2.jpg (29967 bytes) March 1990 and the (sadly doomed) campaign is in full swing.
Goodbye_ORACLE3.jpg (32644 bytes)
Goodbye_ORACLE4.jpg (36051 bytes) They succeeded in persuading the government to allow a bidding contest (like the controversial ITV 'contest' for franchises) but tragically were themselves outbid...
Goodbye_ORACLE5.jpg (37026 bytes)
Goodbye_ORACLE6.jpg (34408 bytes)
ORACLE_vote_result.jpg (34194 bytes)  
ORACLE_vote_result_ITN.jpg (38876 bytes)  
In 1992 the ITN teletext service brought us the news which signalled its eventual demise.

I wonder why the ITN logo was sometimes cyan and sometimes white?

ttxg2008.gif (5748 bytes) Even the NTL Engineering Information pages would disappear...
ttxg2009.gif (5449 bytes) ... with the NTL unable to secure co-operation with Teletext Ltd
Viewers wrote in with their memories and wishing ORACLE staff well.
So it's goodbye from them...

Click here for our section devoted to the last day of ORACLE

oracle02.gif (5358 bytes) ...and it's goodbye from them!
ORACLElast_page.jpg (33713 bytes) Granada's ancillary service survives for a few seconds past midnight on 1-Jan-1993.

Michael Banbrook - who was with Intelfax at the time - comments: "Prior to Border and Grampian upgrading their kit, we had to dial into the old ORACLE inserters. The pages were still in existence! It was a bit spooky and kind of Marie Celeste recalling the final lot of pages from that fatal night in 1992."

Early ORACLE | The end of ORACLE
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