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These two frames, completely devoid of graphics,  have a certain simplistic charm!

TDC is The Discovery Channel, and these pages, from 1993, were part of their early transmissions from Intelsat at 27.5W.

Things soon smartened up considerably...

Unusually there is no date in the header row, but these pages also date from 1993.

There are two foreign language characters missing from the first frame,

Page 191 appears to be dealing with system reception issues.

disc200.gif (59216 bytes) Discovery Channel 1999
disc208.gif (5846 bytes) A notable feature of Discovery Text is that programmes are often subtitled in several different languages simultaneously...
disc210.gif (5879 bytes) Subtitles are not broadcast on 888 but on a number of different pages. This page shows that list and also explains the codes shown in the listing above.
disch100.gif (5651 bytes) Discovery Home and Leisure 1999
European Business News EBN - European Business News
Euro News Euronews
These Euronews pages were captured in June 2001.

Unfortunately my UK decoder is not decoding some of the characters correctly.

espt100.gif (25857 bytes) Eurosport
espt101.gif (4974 bytes) These Eurosport were taken from the British Eurosport service broadcast by the cable services in the UK.
While this one was taken from the service on Astra digital in 2001.

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