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dexter.gif (47378 bytes) Cartoon Network's 'animated' front page from 1997
toon100.gif (18175 bytes) Here's the same page in 1999 - really the only thing about Toon Text that's fast - access is otherwise very slow.
toon101.gif (5832 bytes) Check out Cartoon Network online?
toon125a.gif (4635 bytes)
Challenge TV Challenge TV

The challenge is to work out why their magazine starts on p200!

Challenge TV's are very colourful!
Thankfully the rules for this competition are a little easier than those of the original 3-2-1 programme itself!
CNN Text CNN International, 1997
Two year's later, 1999, the CNN pages have changed slightly - note the new and (imho) attractive colourful header row!

Click here to visit

Like many of the newer files here at TTAN this is an animated GIF.
This one is a combined Win/TV and VTplus production, showing you their Newsflash page in situ.
The Global Business Index appears to be a set of commercially paid-for pages on the CNNtext service.
How many other teletext services are using magazine 8?
No, these are not errors due to poor reception, page 81A appears to contain some sort of encrypted data transmission. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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