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Unfortunately, Canada has never had a proper teletext system from one of its broadcasters, as far as we know. Whether they did not have the money or the resources is anyone's guess. However, this is the closest thing that comes to teletext around here...

Regional and national cable companies operate a scrolling teletext system that brings up national/international news, weather, sport, entertainment, and other things. The system operates on a cycle, so that means you can't jump from page to page.

The text appears like the text on the BBC World breakfiller, where the "typing" effect is used.

The start of the teletext cycle. The cable company logo
appears (in this case, Shaw Cable).
After a short intro and telling the viewer who the editor
is, the main headlines appear
The day's news stories.
Regional, national, and international weather appear
in this two-column format
Some lottery results
Much like a 'nag' screen on a shareware program, ads pop up when you're in the middle of reading an article (which is quite rude). This is displayed for maybe 30 seconds, and the teletext continues from where it left off.

Now you notice that there is a black bar with some sort of weather info scrolled along the bottom. This scrolls horizontally from right to left, giving the viewer local weather information.

And in the background, a feed from one of the cable company's radio stations is played 24/7.

Thanks to Emmanuel Granado

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