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frames showing hyperCOM testing in preparation for the CNNtext service in 1993
4 pages of tests prior to the start of the Travel Channel text service in 1994.

The service was initially run by hyperCOM before being taken over by Teletext Ltd.

Click here to see pages from the Travel Channel text service

This test page actually consisted of  five sub-pages
Paramount 1995
This locally generated page would appear on ITV if the link to a regional transmitter's databridge failed.
The ITV ancillary magazines which would appear on pages 600-699 were originally to be called ITV PLUS but, as usual, the ITV companies failed to agree on the identity and it was quietly dropped before most of the services actually launched.

Click here to see more ITV ancillary text pages.

A couple of pages transmitted prior to the launch of Channel 5.

Click here to see more Channel 5text pages

ttxg2017.gif (2649 bytes)
A test page from TV5 in France - note the similarity to the BBC page below!
This section of TTAN would not be complete without the classic BBC CEEFAX engineering test page.
Not exactly a test page, but a suitable way to round off this section!

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