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A page from "Videotext", the common teletext service of the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Translated, the page says:
News 110
Sports 200 Latest News 111
TV-Guide 300 Headlines 112-115
Weather 400
Stock Exchange 420
Service 500 Politics 116
Media 600 Church 190/191
VT Index 101
Musthead 107 Phoenix 650
Hessentext is the teletext service from the German public regional broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk. Most of these pages are from September 1999
Company logo and address
Hessentext staff
hessentext_170.gif (28976 bytes) Weather
Sunrise and Sunset
The title page for the news and sportsreel sequence
This is the standard test page of most German public teletext services.
Further test pages:
  • subpage 1/3 is the clock-cracker*
  • subpage 2/3 is colour bars (rare on Teletext!)
  • subpage 3/3 shows one of the two VIDEOTEXT logos which have been used by ARD/ZDF since 1980.

* recent orthography reform in Germany has replaced the character with ss - but that is unlikely to happen here!

TV index page featuring the Frankfurt skyline
A preview of the regional news TV programme Hessenschau
The Astra frequencies and terrestrial channels for Hessen Fernsehen
An older frequency page.
The 'Service' index, leading to information about the job centre, railways, flights and road traffic.
Cinema, festivals etc...
"Uncle Otto" seems to be the hr equivalent of Gus Honeybun and is available as a cuddly toy from the Onkel Otto shop! - see 
Happy birthday from hr
ORBtext, from the regional public broadcaster Ostdeutscher Rundfunk, Brandenburg.
An early index page from RTL2's teletext TEO - TElevision Organiser) provided by several TV magazines of a publishing house ("Your update schedule service for all important stations")

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