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In December 2000 Sky Television finally launched their digital text service: SkyText.

Initial impressions are very favourable. Pages appear very quickly and navigation is possible either by using the cursor keys or, if you know the number of the page you are seeking, by using the numerical keypad.

The service is initially available on the Sports Channels, and is receivable - even if you don't subscribe to those channels - by tuning to them and pressing the text button on the remote

The styling is plain and authoritative, with subtly themed graphics.
The important news of the day is given suitable prominence.
Sadly the big win still eludes me.
The weather pages were hard to find at first, but now I know they start at page 131.

Sub-pages are all stored in memory and can be accessed at will using the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons on the remote.

The advertising is so much more appealing in high resolution graphics!
Hooray! SkyText has some Engineering Announcement pages!
The good old Alphabetical Index is still on page 199
Well, we are on the Sky Sports channel!
Inevitably SkyText also has a section devoted to Movies.
And finally, for now, the quick User guide is on page 590.

SkyText seems a little light on content at launch, but full marks to them for their implementation and presentation.

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