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December 2000.

The main options provided by the ntl interactive text service.

Most of the pages below are from their main information pages accessed via the 'TV Internet' option here.

The normal television picture-in-picture feature is showing colour bars on these examples. 

Selecting 'TV Internet' above brings us to this menu.
...and the news section has four categories
Drilling further down the sub-menu heirarchy there are 3 flavours of National and World news.
The first looks like this
....the second like this
...and the third, like this
There are two flavours of local news.

Here I appear to have the NorthWest variant. Perhaps other regions have content from suppliers?

Similarly there are three flavours of financial news.

I must admit I have never heard of TD Waterhouse, but then I don't have any money either so it probably doesn't matter.

There are three flavours of weather too...
Infosearch provides local weather.

Type in the name of your nearest town and up comes a brief five-day forecast with temperatures in C or F according to your preference.

Friendly graphics but little regional detail from Teletext Ltd.
World Wide Weather from WSI, Weather Services International
And in case that's not enough weather information for you, ITN also offer their national and local forecasts too!
And finally, for now, we select the Entertainment option

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