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The Teletext Museum was originally created by Darren Meldrum as part of the Meldrum Home Page. The site also now incorporates UK Teletext by Rob Hardy and is now maintained and updated as part of mb21 by Mike Brown.

These pages are largely the result of contributions from a number of enthusiasts. Thank you to all of you.

Thanks to:

Darren Meldrum, Rob Hardy

Mark Cook -  co-editor, Teletext Timeline
Mike McGonagle -  sub-editor, Teletext in Eire
Kirk Northrop - sub-editor, Teletext in Europe

Deborah Anthony
Michael Banbrook
Nigel Barrett
Peter Bell
David Bennett
Michael Blackburn
Mike Blank
David Boothroyd
Chris Brennan
Robert Brown
Paul Buckle
Terence Burridge
Wenlock Burton
Clive Buswell
Rory Clark
James Cridland
Michael Curtis
Simon Dainton
Ed Ellers
Martin Eskildsen
Martin Fenton
Falko Giesner
Russ J Graham

Emmanuel Granado
Bryan Green


Gary Hawkins
Billy Hicks
John Houston
Jim Jaworski
Simon Luxon
Gavin MacGregor
Mark McMillan
Chris Norris
Tom Nowak
Robin O'Leary
Alan Pemberton
Daren Prescott
Lindsay Reid
Jason Robertson
Adrian Robson
Gary Roger
Jeremy Rogers
Andrew Scott
Alex Sebbinger
Mike Turner
Dirk Tust
Anne Wallace
Andrew Wood
Russell Wright

If you have any images
from teletext past,
stories or recollections
please let me know

I'd also like to hear from you if you can capture teletext frames from U.K. cable or satellite channels or from stations outside the U.K.

 Teletext Chat 


For discussion about all aspects of teletext, from content right through  to complex technical matters.
If you have a question, this is the place to ask it...

The Teletext Museum is a collaboration withThe TV Room


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