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S-VHS recorders record teletext data along with the picture. Practice has shown that it is possible (albeit sometimes with difficulty) to decode it. Therefore old recordings could be invisibly storing vintage pages, for example, from Ceefax or ORACLE.

Pages of particular interest to our 'quest' are 1998 / early 1999 4-Tel pages, which are the versions prior to the current look as introduced in March 1999. At this time 4-Tel used the programmes' logo in the back-up page banner, rather than the capital letters used today. For instance, "The Big Breakfast", "Time Team", etc. Also of interest are any recordings from 1992 or earlier from ITV and C4 to capture pages from ORACLE.

If anyone has such S-VHS recordings in their archives and would be willing to loan us tape(s) we would be most grateful (postage costs refunded to sender, of course). The results of our decoding efforts will appear here on The Teletext Museum. In this way, a little more of the 'lost' pages can be preserved for posterity.

It doesn't matter what the programme is on the tape in this instance, it's the teletext signal that counts! Even a few minutes (or even seconds) should yield something good.

If you can contribute to this project please contact Bryan Green or Mike Brown


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