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Micro User Volume 4 Number 12, February 1987

A BBC Micro program giving owners of teletext adapters instant access to any selected topic on Ceefax has been developed by BBC Telesoftware.

Previously, a page on Ceefax could only be seen by typing in one of the hundreds of page numbers. Now all the pages dealing with a specific topic can be found by typing in a keyword. The new program, available free from BBC Telesoftware, presents all the pages from Ceefax which contain the keyword chosen.

It works by constantly scanning the Ceefax broadcasts. When it finds the given word it stores the complete page in computer memory until the user is ready to view it. Up to 10 pages are stored at once. As they are read they are overwritten by newly found pages. Any channel can be selected while searching for the same keyword, making it easy to find every reference to a subject from all teletext broadcasts.

As an alternative to the normal teletext display, advanced techniques allow the top or bottom half of the page to be expanded. This gives a true double-height display, previously considered impossible on a BBC Micro, making it clearer for those with sight difficulties.

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