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One of the earliest pieces of teletext documentation so far unearthed for The Teletext Museum has been contributed by Mark Cook.

oldtv.jpg (51886 bytes) For a couple of years in the 70s, as well as the Annual Report the BBC issued a small A5 paperback (60-70 pages). The photo here comes from the 1976 edition entitled What's Auntie Been Up To? (incidentally, the full annual report was deemed too expensive for ordinary licence payers at 1.50, so this 30p book was produced instead! those were the days...)
The 1977 edition entitled What Do You Think Of It So Far?" was based on the 1976-7 BBC Annual Report and Accounts and contained the following report under the heading "Engineering Forges Ahead":


(The same page also covered the BBC invention of Quadrophony over radio and plans for a new way to deliver radio traffic bulletins.)

Over the years BBC engineering has gained a reputation for innovation. The stream of invention is still flowing freely.... Take the 'electronic newspaper' - CEEFAX.

CEEFAX uses four 'spare' television lines to transmit information pages along with the normal television signal. These pages can be selected by the viewer and displayed on his screen as an alternative to the normal television picture.

Each CEEFAX magazine - there are separate magazines on BBC1 and BBC2 - has over 100 pages of information. The viewer can select news headlines, sports results, finance, consumer news and, of course, that evergreen British topic - weather prospects.

CEEFAX television receivers are now available in the shops, as well as adaptors which enable existing television receivers to display CEEFAX.

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