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cxeng00.gif (5608 bytes) This first page is a Videotex reconstruction - from data supplied by Andrew Emmerson - of the page which appeared on CEEFAX detailing the final death throes of the BBC's  old Band I and III transmitters in 1985.
cxeng02.gif (4530 bytes) The problem with the CALDBECK transmitter is that it serves areas both North and South of the Scotland-England border. In 1992 additional transmitters at nearby SANDALE were brought into service to carry BBC Scotland services.
cxeng08.gif (4167 bytes) In 1991 the BBC announced that Radio 3 would soon close on AM.
cxeng09.gif (4423 bytes) The frequencies would soon be used by Virgin Radio.
cxeng01.gif (4046 bytes) Crystal Palace was struck by lightning in 1994.
Work on tv aerial masts is a risky business and is always weather-dependant!
cxeng03.gif (4486 bytes) The introduction of BBC radio from the Astra satellite system in 1993

These services closed in 2001.

cxeng04.gif (3923 bytes) The BBC's NICAM digital stereo sound service opened at the end of August 1991, although NICAM tests had already been transmitted from CRYSTAL PALACE for several years.
cxeng05.gif (4635 bytes) NICAM coverage expanded through 1992...
cxeng06.gif (3917 bytes) 1993...
cxeng07.gif (4257 bytes) and beyond...
cxeng13.gif (5453 bytes) ...and will not be complete until 2002.
cxeng10.gif (5718 bytes) When the controversial Channel 5 test transmissions began in January 1997 details were carried on the BBC's Engineering Information page...
cxeng11.gif (6250 bytes) The details were helpful, particularly in view of the fact that Channel 5 themselves were doing little to publicise them.
cxeng12.gif (7308 bytes) But sadly the BBC discontinued this service before the test transmissions were completed.
cxeng14.gif (6187 bytes) The BBC had PDC data problems in Spring 1999.
Note that BBC Engineering Information is now known as BBC Reception Advice.
cxeng15.gif (5407 bytes) And major work was planned at TACOLNESTON.


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