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Compiled by Mike McGonagle, The TV Room.

TG 4 Text or Teacs TG 4 is the teletext service for the Ireland's national Irish language television channel.  The station has always had teletext capability; however, in the early days, the system was used purely to alert viewers to the availability of an English language subtitle service on page 888.  However, from c. Autumn 1999, more use was made of the teletext system...and pages gradually began to appear.  The service was never really launched officially.

Original TG 4 Text Front Page design from 1999 when the service first appeared.  The large station logo shown here was used on all pages at the time.
TG 4 Text Front Page - August 2000.  Station logo reduced in size by this point.  This revised logo was used on all pages.
Main of August 18 2000.
The news index.
News page.
TG 4 programme listings and previews.
Programme listings page.
Preview for TG 4 
All of the pages throughout the service were of the same design.
And of course, the Intelfax engineering page.
By January 2002, not a lot had changed.
Sub-page from the service front page, trailing TG 4 children's programming.
Teacs TG 4 index.
News index.  The page design used here is now used quite a bit throughout the service.
News page.  Note the page borders...not unlike Aertel.
Weather for tomorrow.
Programme listings/previews index.  And no, that's not reception corruption on the graphic.
Trail for programme related pages throughout the service.
Programme listings page.  Programmes with teletext subtitles in English indicated.

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