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Channel 5's period of testing from Jan 1997 to their launch on 30-Mar-1997 presented some interesting teletext sights. Early tests included teletext pages from satellite teletext services produced by Intelfax. This apparently was an error due to the equipment supplied by Intelfax having been pre-loaded with sample pages. Channel 5 added their own page 100, but did not erase the rest of the pages until some time later.

On one occasion, Channel 5 were broadcasting 888 subtitles of ITV programmes. The ITN news at 1740 and Emmerdale at 1900 were subtitled on Channel 5! Regional programmes at 6.00 were not subtitled. On one earlier occasion, a CH5 888 box was broadcast. We have since seen the Carlton adverts subtitled on Channel 5 page 888.

Channel 5 Teletext Page 100 This was the only teletext page broadcast by Channel 5 during the Croydon test on 2-Feb-1997. It has since been broadcast on most of the other test transmissions from Croydon and elsewhere.

This transmitter list is out-of-date now, of course.
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Subsequent tests included this page, normally hidden as a hex page, which is the standard teletext equipment status page for Intelfax supplied kit. Note that this includes a PDC status, showing that Channel 5 were transmitting the TIMER flag.

This page is now hidden as page 5AA. It can be accessed by going to 598 and pressing the Red fasttext key.

Something new, this appeared for the first time on 25- Mar-1997. Clearly preparing for the launch of the C5 ancillary text service. This was the first sighting of the 5 Text logo.

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This page moved about a bit during the pre-launch period. It is the clock cracker test page. The centre text indicates which one of Channel 5's dynamically configured regions is currently being received. This was a rare glimpse of region 3 from the Croydon transmitter.
ttxg2017.gif (2649 bytes) A short-lived pre-launch front page from Channel 5.
The full ancillary service launched on 30th March, a little earlier than the actual programmes.

There was not a lot of content, and there still isn't. Programme listings, five pages of previews, and transmitter information was more or less it.

The standard puff about how wonderful the new Channel 5 is.
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