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This page presents CEEFAX frames seen on BBC1 and BBC2 from 1991 onwards...

These six pages were captured from an S-VHS tape recorded on 9 November 1991.
1991 Freddie Mercury News 1 CEEFAX reported the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

This plain design allowed maximum space for the news story, 17 lines in all.

The current CEEFAX design (see below) has space for 15 lines per story, plus one line for the headline

1991 Freddie Mercury News 2 Despite the widespread use of sub pages on CEEFAX, the news section has generally kept to single frame pages.

(The page number displayed on this page is likely to be incorrect)

What was on BBC 1 on Monday 25th November 1991, with an extra programme added to the schedule as a tribute to Freddie Mercury.
BBC Engineering Information went to town in 1992
A CEEFAX Sports Index page from October 1992
... and a front page from November 1992
Note that CEEFAX now had slightly different content according to whether it was daytime, evening or weekend
ttxg2010.gif (5063 bytes) A News Headlines page from 1992
ttxg2011.gif (5693 bytes) The News was not divided into Home and World sections, and there was still an indication of the Latest Story.
ttxg2016.gif (5193 bytes) This style of news page dates from 1993 - the additional graphics characters are a dreadful waste of space.
A rare CEEFAX graphic captured in 1993
... and this was what was new on CEEFAX in 1993
For a while in 1993 there were one or two regional headers about.

Does anyone know any more about this or have any other examples?

... followed by a Weather Index page from 1994.
BBC1 front page from 1994
BBC1 Sport index, also from 1994
CEEFAX was relaunched in November 1996

Note the space in the header row between CEEFAX and 100. The network identifier was not present in the first week or two of the launch and it may have been letters sent at the time by Darren Meldrum and myself which helped introduce it.

Nov 1996 Relaunch Page 100 A couple of weeks or so later the network identifier is now in place.
Popular share prices from Dec 1996. Note that Eurotunnel are now trading at 80.5
civ1997-2.jpg (33557 bytes) As you can see, these four CEEFAX In Vision frames come from 1997.
civ1997-3.jpg (35660 bytes)
civ1997-4.jpg (33761 bytes)
civ1997-1.jpg (23023 bytes)
ttxg2015.gif (6011 bytes) A news page in the current style from July 1998.
25ceefax1.gif (5316 bytes) CEEFAX put itself in the news on 01-Jan-1999.

You can read more about the early days of CEEFAX in the The Teletext Museum Features section.

25ceefax2.gif (5190 bytes) I can't come to terms with traditional teletext being described as an "analogue teletext system". Although it is broadcast alongside analogue pictures the text is of course transmitted as digital data.
Here is CEEFAX in trouble! (c.1993/94)
ceefax_off.gif (22634 bytes) CEEFAX were in trouble again on 06-Jan-1999. It was rare to see the entire service disappear in this way.
9-Sep-1999 was an interesting day for the BBC. First they introduced a new style P100...
... and then later (the following morning) BBC1 closed down for some engineering tests!
The year 2000 approaches...
... and passes, the Millennium bug having caused almost no impact at all.

Here the BBC Reception staff offer their traditional season's greetings,

The 'new' BBC Text service, which had been available to viewers of DTT transmissions since October 1999 finally became available to viewers of the Astra Digital services in March 2001.
Shortly afterwards, in April,  CEEFAX showed that there was still life in the old dog yet by revamping their 5xx magazine, calling it C-500
Finally, as a special treat, we present "The CEEFAX Engineering Test Page", the animated special edition!

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