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Sky Channels

SKYTEXT Holidays.jpg (25351 bytes) Sky 1's Skytext In Vision, recorded from a broadcast through the night. 1991
The Skytext front page from Sky News 1993
The Skytext front page from the Sky movie channels 1993
These Skytext pages also date from 1993

Bryan Green points out that the graphics look very similar in style to ORACLE (except for the S in ADVERTISING!)

FASTEXT.jpg (31013 bytes) Fastext. In 1995 Sky relaunched Skytext and named it Fastext. Rather confusing perhaps (but how commonplace were Fastext links then?) The Fastext service was good-looking, but eventually it became Skytext again, although the header row retained the channels' names, not the service name.
Sky One Sky One 1997
The Movie Channel The Movie Channel 1997

What happened to the hyphen?

Sky News Sky News 1997
Sky Sports 1 Sky Sports 1 1997
sky1-100.gif (4946 bytes) Sky One 1999
sky1-101.gif (6616 bytes)
sky1-115.gif (6150 bytes)
sky1-198.gif (5691 bytes)
Sky Digital, 2000

Only available from satellite, not DTT.

These pages are from Sky's service on Digital Satellite in October 2001
These pages from Sky One and Sky News were taken from the Astra 1 services in May 2001.




Sky ceased the last of its analogue transmissions from the Astra 1 satellites at the end of June 2001. The channel-variants of Sky Text also came to an end as, on Sky Digital via the Astra 2 satellites, Sky broadcast one version of Sky Text via its many channels. In October 2001 this service was withdrawn from Sky Digital transmissions and Sky Text 'analogue' carried only horse racing info and bookmakers' advertisements.

However Sky Text 'analogue' apparently continued for cable viewers. In July 2002 the pages had SKY TEXT in green capitals in the header row.

Sky Digital's one-version version!

These pages date from July 2001 and were later replaced with the Bookmakers' pages (in October 2001)

Sky Digital, July 2002
Sky Digital Text relaunched in early August 2002 with a different on-screen look and a new navigation system. Sky 'analogue' text reflected the new page numbering and sadly lost many of its graphics.

Also noticeable is the considerably reduced amount of advertising.

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