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MTV MTV 1997
mtv100.gif (5729 bytes) Three pages showing MTVtext's 'new' styling, which is actually 'classic' teletext, very reminscent of Ceefax at its best. 1999
mtv101.gif (4501 bytes)
mtv102.gif (6107 bytes)
mtv200.gif (5609 bytes) .. and something new in the offing for 1999...
Three pages from NGC text, 1999.

What a strange header row!
Whatever is that extra d doing in there?

Pages captured in June 2001.
The National Geographic Channel - are they six months behind or six months ahead?
Unforgettable highlights!
NBC Europe NBC Europe
Nicktext from children's channel Nickleodeon 1999
Here Nicktext explains an exciting new development from the world of satellite digital television: (almost) instant repeats.

Strange really. Find me a child over 7 who can't program a video recorder!

Paramount Comedy Paramount Comedy

No date in the header row, so I'm not quite sure when this frame dates from :-( 


Spend An Evening with PText

... but by September 1999 Paramount's header row had changed
I quite like this style - definitely 'classic' teletext.
Paramount not only have a FAQ but it reflects the style of the station - well worth a read...

Spend An Evening with PText

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