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Granada Television

The ITV ancillary magazines which would appear on pages 600-699 were originally to be called ITV PLUS but, as usual, the ITV companies failed to agree on the identity and it was quietly dropped before most of the services actually launched.

Note the ORACLE-style header row!

ITV+.jpg (29426 bytes) This is unusual - ITV+ from the Granada region in 1994
gra_600.gif (6039 bytes) Granada's Ancillary Offering, P600, with what is certainly the oldest surviving logo in ITV history. It is supposed to be a "G" with the arrow pointing "to the North".

Designer Michael Banbrook comments: "The rocket on the Granada pages was an idea I took from reading an article in Broadcast magazine about Granada just taking delivery of a new set of logos and idents in 1996."

gra_608.gif (4241 bytes) Despite its age I reckon that Granada logo still looks good, especially in those colours.
gra_618.gif (5084 bytes) Granada on the World Wide Web, whatever that is.

NB: the URL shown on this page no longer exists.

gra_690.gif (3515 bytes) Work at Winter Hill is to install new aerials for DTTV.
gra_696.gif (3003 bytes) The perfect page for collectors of the Granada logo.

In fact Granada's pages, designed for Intelfax by Michael Banbrook, gets the The Teletext Museum award for the best looking ancillary service in the UK.

Gra623.gif (6042 bytes) And finally in this Granada sequence, here's one for the Corrie fans, complete with terraced houses and web site URL

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