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Carlton Television (London)

ttxg2018.gif (3566 bytes) Calling All Real Londoners...
Carlton Plus Index ...Turn Off Now!
Carlton Engineering Info ITV London provide much less engineering information than the BBC, they have in the past announced "routine planned maintenance" several days after it has occurred.
Carlton Secret Page 6AA A hidden 'hexadecimal' page from Carlton.
  • The system was last rebooted at 18:02 on 14-Nov-1996
  • no no no no tells you which of the four comm ports on the encoder are in use (ie. whether Intelfax have dialled in)
  • 163 is the number of pages in use, out of a total of 1188
  • EXP21 means "exclude magazine P page 21" from broadcast.
    (P magazine on Intelfax kit contains setup information, eg. packet information, header row stuff, etc.)
On 6-Sept-1999 we said farewell to Central and Westcountry Television as they took on the branding of its owner Carlton.

You may notice a certain similarity between this and an earlier frame above!

At least Central News survives...

Today on Central ...?
Tomorrow on Central ...?

Videos from Central ...?

A 'search and replace' still needed doing!

Now it's January 2002 and Carlton's pages have changed a little
Bit of a mix up here, a late programme change led to someone at Intelfax putting the Central TV details on the Carlton / LWT page.

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