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ITV's new teletext service took over from ORACLE at the stroke of midnight on 01-Jan-1993.

But were they quite as prepared as they would have liked?

The header's right, but this is a page template I guess we should not have seen!
But here, the header row is unusual!
Er, hello?
Of course, there was very little that was new about having a regional teletext service. ORACLE had already been doing it for some time!
They were so switched on that they were only using half of this page!
Very surreal!

This is a test page - please ignore.


- Mike.

Like the other frames on this page, this one was decoded from an S-VHS tape. The decoding of sub-page 1 was only partially successful so this reconstruction may not be 100% accurate, but it is included here for its interest value.
Evidence here of Teletext's short-lived After Hours service!
Ah, they don't write numbers like that any more...

(National stream 2, page 80, sub-page 1)

And here are the index pages for the After Hours service, in all their "glory"!
Clock cracker

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